November 07, 2011

If I were rich

If I Were Rich

Yesterday was such a glorious day for the month of November in my neck of the woods. Sunshine and mid 50's and there were no chilly breeze's whispering "winter is coming" in my ear. Hubby was working and I just couldn't waste the day sitting aroundd the house. So I hopped in my cube and headed south 2 hours to Amish territory. Destination Shipshewana, IN. In the past, I have always gone on weekdays when it's a much quieter scene. But I didn't even mind the crowds yesterday. It was just good to be out for a spur of the moment adventure. And there was even an antique show in town. Perfect timing! The roads were full of  horse-n-buggies and bikes as the menonite and amish were all out enjoying the day as well.

 I had precious little fun money to spend (saving it up for a big prim show next weekend). Anyway, antiques in big tourist areas tend to have higher price tags on them. So, I invented a new game for myself. It turned out to be "almost" as much fun as spending money. I call it.......
If I Were Rich
(things I would have brought home if only....)
an early antique corner cupboard $2,495.00
dropleaf night table $295
single drawer night table $149
ladderback rocker $249
There's always room for more crocks

 incredibly long trencher $495
 20" wooden bowl 
 Adorable little dolly dresser 

I did manage to buy a few little goodies though. 
Yummy maple frosted cinnamon rolls & a pumpkin roll.

From the antique show I got an old biscuit cutter and pie crimper to hang on my diningroom x-mas tree with some checkered homespun. Also a little old mold. I spent a whole $4.00.

At the prim shops in town I bought a string of the tiniest silicone x-mas lights I ever saw, a rusted metal angel ornament, & some battery operated prim taper candles.

Mostly it was just a lovely day of walking and looking and appreciating. Oh, and a little bit of wishing I were, well.... you know...........


TheCrankyCrow said...

I knew we were twin sisters from a different mother...I play that game all the time 'cause my mother wasn't rich either!! ;o) You do have a lovely eye though....those are some true treasures you scored in the game...Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Carla said...

Great choices for "If you were rich!" Love that corner cupboard! Sounds like a lovely day!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

I hear you about going to Amish country during the weekdays. Weekends are terrible in Berlin Ohio.

That trencher is awesome!!! I saw a huge one many years ago in Amish Country and thought the price was too high at $70. I kick myself in the butt for not buying it back then.

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