December 30, 2011

Catching Up

You Snooze, You Lose!
Well, I wasn't exactly sleeping but I have been very busy with x-mas decorating and shopping and adding a new member to the family in the midst of it all. I just can't believe the whole season has come and gone and I didn't get any  x-mas pics posted. I began snapping some pics but I didn't get very far. Any way, here's what I did get, better late than never right?
"The Guest Room Tree"

The Tree Topper

Beneath the Tree
(standing in antique doll buggy)
 Full of Jan Hagara's and little bears and lots of rusty ornaments and stitcheries in between.

The diningroom including my new vintage drop leaf / gateleg table from Craigs List for $95.

I love this little Santa which I got on Ebay. I was paying close enough attention to the description though. I was just thinking he was the size of one I got from the same artist last year. Wow was I surprise when I discovered I bought a Santa the size of my thumb for $26 + shipping, LOL. But I still love the little guy. And he is perfect standing on one of my plaster tarts.

The Livingroom Tree

And the frosting on the cake, my adorable grand daughters opening their  presents on x-mas eve.

I had a little after x-mas shopping fun. Not in a mall where the crowds go, but to the antique stores.
I got a great scoop, the perfect size and color for my big 'ole bowl. $18

Some wonderful little kitchenwares for hanging on my diningroom tree which is full of chocolate molds and cookie cutters, etc.  $1 - $3 except for the adorable little funnel. I splurged and paid $7.95 for that one. I am so ashamed, LOL.
(I added the homespun for hanging)

And the best of all........ I love antique baby shoes. At our last stop I found a giant basket full of "single" unmatched baby shoes. I have long wanted to put antique baby shoes on my guest room tree. I was like a kid in a candy store. I only wish I bought a couple more. I definately got the best though. priced $3 - $5 each.

A wonderful early baby slipper. I would guess mid-late 1700's. A little worse for wear but perfect in my eyes.

Turn of the century strappy shoe, the tiniest of the lot.

Golden Brown velvet shoe with white leather trims and pearly buttons

Tiny plaid fabric and leather lace-up boot. Like no baby shoe I have ever seen before.

Lace-up with red lining inside the ankle and fold over front to reveal the red lining.

I did get some heartbreak on my shopping trip. Nob Hill Antiques at Washington Square (Holland, MI), my most favorite antiques store EVER, closed. A sign on the door said "Thank you for 11 great years" and there are for sale signs in front of the store. I am crushed!!!! It was the one store that specialized in primitive and you always knew you were walking into a treasure trove when you came through the door.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, warm & cozy, bright & sunny, perfectly primitive, and prosperous 2012 filled with much love and good friends to share it all with.
Happy New Year!!!!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Woo Hoo! She DOES exist!! ;o) So very good to hear from you my illusive friend....Your decorating looks MAAAVELOUS! But - I'm pea green jealous over those baby shoes. I have an unnatural addiction to old shoes - and a tree done up in them would be heavenly....I can't stinking believe $3-5.....Go back, get the rest for me and send them to me. ??? Yes??? ;o) Your grands are positively adorable....I truly miss having a little one to spoil in the family at the not ready for a grand - but, still miss it. Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year overflowing with joy, promise, and blessings....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

dave said...

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Whispering Hills Studio said...

Just read your comments on my blog! LOL

You have your creative juices flowing...they're just in your house!! Unlike me!! Now I'm trying to clean up the mess in the sewing room so I can start my Christmas projects. I know you'll have plenty of great projects going with the holidays!

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