August 25, 2010

It's Been a While
In fact, it's been so long that I checked in and found my background had been removed and for the life of me I can't make my font larger or find how to change some settings in the layout. I feel like I have to learn all over again.
Well, I haven't been resting on my laurels at any rate. With this gorgeous steamy weather we have been having this summer I have been spending as much time in the pool as possible. Usually 3-4 hours although some days as many as 6 hours. I'll be crushed when it is time to cover over the pool for winter. I have also gone vegetarian in my search for a healthier life style, although I do still eat some fish. Between the new diet and the swimming I am down 20 lbs in under 3 months. I am joining the gym this month while they have a special and taking the bike down from the garage rafters so it will be ready once the pool is closed. I haven't been a bike since I got my drivers license at 16 so we'll see how this goes. It's a very nice bike I got free off Craig's List last winter. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Craigs List. Today I found an add for free pears. We fill a tote with pears and will be canning in a few days after they ripen.
I can't say I have felt terribly inspired to craft. With all the crazy changes for sellers on ebay, the slow down in sales, and so many of the wonderful ebay primitive artists having left and moved on to other selling venues it's just not same. Ah well, it has given me more time to work on myself and get more fit and more time to spend on some of my own projects around the house that have been sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting............................... I bought a fabric stripper last spring so I could cut my own wool strips for rug hooking but then didn't find any wool at the garage sales to cut. Finally, the woolies are beginning to appear in the re-sale stores. I also discovered a new re-sale shop where all clothing is .99 cents ea. You can bet I had a field day and came home with a car load of skirts, jackets, and slacks. I bought a few other frightful items too. All "project" items that dearly need some make-overs. Just what I needed - more projects!
Well, just a word to let you know I am still alive and kicking. I have just been doing my kicking in the pool. Stayed tuned! I will be posting some before annd after photo's of all the "junk" I brought home today very soon - I hope. :o)