November 05, 2009

Fun shopping day


Re-Sale Deals & Trash to Treasure Day


With all the health troubles I have had over the past summer and fall I haven't had much opportunity to get out to garage sales and antiques markets. So, now that I am back on my feet and looking to get out again I decided to take advantage of a sunny November day and check out a new re-sale store and a tried & true antique mall near me. I found some really great goodies, some really good deals, and a couple of make-over projects to work on. Now, it's not as if I don't have enough projects that have been waiting for me to get to them, but I just couldn't resist and these are 2 very quick and easy make-overs.

So first off I got this adorable little antique chair for just $18.00. With the new red plaid chairs in my family room I thought it was perfect. And won't it be adorablewith a bear in it by the x-mas tree this year?

Next is the reproduction candle mold. I've wanted one for years but was always too cheap or poor to get one. But today's find was just $12.00 and very nicely made!

The book, "A Century of Dolls", has a bit of a beat up dust jacket on it but the rest of the book is in perfect condition and the photography inside is just beautiful! I paid all of $3.00.

These are my make-over projects. I couldn't believe my luck with these. I went shopping with the hopes of finding a tiny triangular table for a tiny space at the end of my sofa. It needs a little aging and the legs shortened just a bit but for $18.00 who could resist? The metal candle lamp was truely the bargain of the day. It cost me all of $2.00. It has a funny black and blue spongy finish on it at the moment. I think, when I am finished with it, it will probably have a rusted finish on it. I just don't think I could do a convincing job of making it look like aged tin. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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Raggedy Angel said...

Love your finds......the table, the chair, well everything! Beth