October 11, 2011

Monday Makeover

Monday Make-Over

I have been working over-time trying to get some projects wrapped up while this incredibly beautiful weather lasts.

First up is the poolhouse with barnwood ceiling I have been slaving over. We got the ceiling put up and the walls painted this week. Still need some flooring and trim work and (next spring) run the electrical out there.

 This is a plastic grocery bag dispenser I have seen a lot of in the re-sale stores. I use all my plastic bags for trash as well as for poopy scoopin'. I made-over this bag dispenser to hang in my garage so they are readily handy for those "outdoor" jobs. It is a mustard stencil over dark country red and then stained.


I have a small antique table that needed some serious lovin'. I got it free 3 years ago and am finally getting to it. I spent yesterday working on the table and a windsor chair I recently picked up at an antique show. They are both nearly stripped with just a little touch up to do tomorrow. Then the table will get some replacement stretchers (as 2 of them are missing) and some stain and clear coat. The chair (a very nicely made 70's reproduction with super shiny finish and terrible painted accent) is going to get a weathered crackle dusty aqua over white paint job and probably a small white stencil on the back. Maybe, LOL, we'll see about the stencil.

Of coarse Mr bean is always right in there trying to help.

This one does'nt look like much now but it was an awful lot of work. I sprayed a lot of vegetation killer in the area and then hubby tilled it under for me a couple days later. Then I rolled the old broken down hay wagon into the bed, planted some false indigo, coreopsis zagreb, some clematis to climb on the wagon, and somewhere around 250 bulbs (giant daffodils, blue scilla, and some big blue hyacinths). Next spring I'll be adding a couple hosta, a bunch of pachysandra, and some bird houses. I already have some big old porch posts to mount the bird houses on.
So far I have planted 406 bulbs and there are another 50 coming. If you ever want to plant bulbs in large quantitiess be sure to check out Van Engelen Bulbs. Awesome company with amazing wholesale prices for the general retail public.

Next week expect pics of a completed chair and table as well as my autumn garden. I am just waiting for the mums to open.


TheCrankyCrow said...

That ceiling turned out AMAZING!! Wow - I would love that in my house!! And all I can is you must have a fancy schmancy garage....Yikes!! The "before" version would have been overkill and then some for ours! But I love what you did with it! And your garden is going to be incredible....Love the old wagon - and can just imagine what it's going to be like when everything starts blooming. Wowsers...that's a lot of bulbs....can wait to see the show in spring! Hope your week is off to a good start Sweetie! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Whispering Hills Studio said...

Everything looks great!! Including your Halloween themed blog!! Send me some of your energy....please!!!

Mary said...

Hey prim twin, I need every ounce of energy I can scrape up to get my to-do list ta-done while this gorgeous weather holds out. :o)