August 18, 2011

I Can't believe I won!

I Won! I Won!!!
In case you haven't already heard...... I WON!!!! I won the pear giveaway from Primitive Heart Strings!!! As a great blogger (Cranky Crow) once said to me (and I have found myself saying it every since) "Oh My Heck"!!!! I never win anything. Well, almost never. There was that beautiful ruby and diamond ring I won once (20 yrs ago)
but otherwise, nothing. And now my finger is too fat for the ring and in photgraphing it I realize just how old my hands are really looking, LOL. I even use to get my house all spotless and gussy myself up on Superbowl Sunday just in case Dick and Ed turned up at my door with a camera crew and a giant check from PCH. I didn't want to be caught on camera braless in my robe. But they never turned up. Anyhow, I'm sure the only reason I won is because I rubbed Robin's lucky crow when she wasn't looking.   ;o)

Now, I can't begin to tell you what a frustrating and disappointing day this has been. I had wonderful plans to start my day at a season end sale at the nursery and then spend a hot sunny afternoon in the pool with my gorgeous granddaughters. The pool is perfect and the weather is perfect and the construction mess is almost cleaned up. And then.......
My day began - with an early morning phone call while I was laying there stretching and contemplating getting up. It's never a good sign when the phone rings at an unreasonable hour. I won't go into the who, the what, or the why. But, I had to cancel my glorious day. Especially painful because it had been so cold and rainy that I hadn't been in the pool in nearly 3 weeks. By the time I do get home to swim it is nap time for the grand daughters, so they won't be coming.

I have a very late lunch, suit up, and I am on my way out the door for a late swim. Again the phone rings. UGH!!!! Foolishly I answer it. Then.... I turn around and go get dressed to run off and handle catastrophy #2.  No swim for me today.
So I get on the computer and decide to visit blog world since I hadn't been on in over a week. And what do I find? I can hardly believe it! I actually won a blog giveaway! Julie's primitive pear is just gorgeous and will be positively perfect in my sewing room (or maybe even my diningroom). Right away I go to comment and leave a Woot! and a thank you on Julies blog to tell her how this has been the one bright spot in my very dismal day. I click to post my comment and I get "Your current account ( does not have access to view this page". I try signing out and back in. I comment again. Again it says no access to view. I went and commented on a friends and a cousins blogs to test. No problems. Back to Primitive Heart Strings - rejected! I click to send an e-mail. I get a message my mail client default is not set. No surprise because I get it every time I click on an e-mail link. Hubby comes home and we spend an hour trying to figure out how to set it properly. We fail. I reached that point - Do I laugh or do I cry. Well, I did neither. Instead I decided to blog about it, LOL. So, Julie, if you see this, I am beside myself with joy that I won. I am also beside myself with grief that I can not contact you to claim my beautiful prize. My only solice is that I am in good company. My bestie has the same trouble not being able to comment on my blog for a few weeks now so I know it isn't just me, LOL. Because...... I HATE when it is just me having an internet issue.  ;o)
So, if anyone is passing by Primitive Heart Strings you might want to mention this post by poor me and that I even included my e-mail here for her. I just don't know what else to do.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Awww...Sweetie, not to worry...I saw you won - saw you didn't respond, talked to Sweet Julie - and gave her my address to send that wonderful pinkeep to. It will have a great home - so not to worry!! ;o) Seriously...I did talk to Julie - and gave her your email addy (hope you don't mind) 'cuz she couldn't get a hold of you...I'll email her again and tell her of your latest dilemma...but OWE me for this!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Mary!!
I did send you an email and just took a chance and decided to come to your blog and saw ALL you have been through!!!! You poor thing!!! Winning is supposed to be a joyous, and exciting occasion, NOT total frustration!!! I am not sure why you can't comment??? Not sure if anyone else has had trouble (guess I would not know if they could not comment, right?) but have not heard of this happening!! I REALLY DO LIKE YOU and was so happy when my hubby pulled out your number, especially after all you went through to even comment!!
Anyway, I need your home address and will try to get it in the mail by Monday as this weekend is crazy!
So happy for you and just take a deep breath and SMILE!! Hooray!!
Thanks to Robin too!!
Big hugs and Congrats~~

Mary said...

I have been leaving comments all over blog world tonight with no troubles. But, I have the same issue here with my friend unable to comment on my blog. Go figure, LOL. I'm just so darn excited I won (I LOVE that pear) and was worried you'd pass it off to Robin if you didn't hear from me (wink). Oh, and poor Robin can't post messages on her own blog, LOL. Sending my addy right out.

Mary said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! I was so excited to see Julie that I passed right over Robins post without a read. I KNEW you would be gunning for my pear, LOL.
The trouble is I really do owe you. Big Time! One day, when you least expect it..............