August 26, 2011

Frugal Friday

Frugal Friday

It's a frugal Friday "on" Friday. What do ya know? LOL! Looks like hubby has returned to a five day work week. No more Friday's off. Ah well, nothing lasts forever. It was nice while it lasted though.
So early in the spring I posted a nice little lantern I which I hung from my limbed up pine tree. Well since then I found 2 more little mini lanterns for $1 ea. I used the green check hopespun gift ties from my Primitive Heartstrings pear pinkeep to hang them in the tree.

This is the original lantern I got in the spring that started it all. I just can't turn down a lantern of any size.

This vinyl fence was a great Craigs List find I got last saturday. I was the 3rd caller but callers one and two didn't have a way to pick this up. Caller #1 dared to aske the guy if he would deliver the free fence, LOL. It's 2 sections of vinyl picket plus the 3 posts and post caps. It's exactly what I wanted for the front of the house but didn't plan to spend the $$$ on till next spring.

I've got mixed feelings on this next one. My hubby's co-worker asked if we would like to have it "free" for our grand daughter's since his children have outgrown theirs. We are making great use of it for sliding into the pool but....... it certainly isn't very pretty to look at out there, LOL.

Sewing Room Progress Report

I made a lot of progress on the sewing room yesterday. It was too cool and breezy to swim so what the heck.

But here is the most impressive part of todays efforts
A clean and organized craft closet.

and closet doors I can actually close all the way

and here I am all ready to post Frugal Friday with 2 minutes before Friday has even arrived. Now to sit and wait for Friday to arrive so I can post .......................................................


Whispering Hills Studio said...

Wow! Lucky you, winning the pin keep AND organizing the sewing room and craft closet!! I also like the slide....even if it's not beautiful to look at!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You're a hoot my dear Mary!! Clean, organized, and on time....Hey - what did you do with the real Mary we all knew and loved?? ;o) JUST KIDDING!! Wanna come and do some cleaning and organizing here? (I'll even try to get hubby to clean the pool so you can have a little swim when you're done!!!) ;o) Love your lanterns....And I find the coolest finds! Happy, happy, Friday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

No no, I have no desire to come to your pool Robin. You scared me off with stories of those GIANT snakes. Yikes!!! Now Miss Tammy (Whispering HIlls) has a 98 degree salt water pool on the gulf coast. I would have to look for gators before hopping in that pool though. :o/

primlin56 said...

wow scored on that fence...i can't wait to see pictures when you get her in...and i too cleaned out my crafting closet this was a job i had put off...but i needed to get it done so i could pull all i dont want into my me your addy and i will send a post card out to you...go thru p and addy is there...

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Mary,
I was so tickled to see you used the green homespun for your lanterns!! For some reason that color just seemed like it would be right for you!!
Your room looks WONDERFUL and I am so happy I helped (by inspiring you anyway) but just wish now that I could get inspired to clean mine!!!
Take care and happy creating~~

Mary said...

I spent much of my day painting the front of the house, getting ready for that new fence. I was pricing out that fence and the price was crazy. Thank goodness for Craigs List. Headed to P&R now to e-mail. Woot!