July 26, 2011

Make-Over Monday

 Monday Make-Over in the Garden

Hmmmm........ It's getting awfully close to Tuesday. By the time I finish my post I may have to change the title to Tuesday Make-Over. I was editing away on my photo's earlier this evening. I was forgetting to click save between each edit. Suddenly the screen faded and a message popped up that said photo shop needed to close unexpectedly. Unexpected was right. Almost every pic for this post had to be edited all over again. And being the hot head I sometimes am, I had to go out and pull some weeds and dead head some flowers before I could begin again. Worked off some frustration in the garden, LOL.
So today's make-over is a garden make-over. When we moved in 3 years ago. I brought 40+ hosta and daylilies with me from my last garden. The yard was unfenced (cept for some chain link around the pool) and there was no garden. Immediately we got the fence up for the dogs. Then, in went the garden to get the hosta all planted before they died on me.
This pic is the first summer right after the hosta first went in, before it got mulched. The bench should be on a frugal Friday because I found it in someones trash about 12 years ago. It was electric blue and splattered with white when I found it. Ewww!
The bed now.
This spring I filled the flower/ hosta bed with pink and white impatiens. The windows were $5 for the pair at an antique show 2 yrs ago. They've been sitting in the basement every since. The wreaths were picked up for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I love that place! I wanted to hang window boxes below but they would have been much too low so I found some inexpensive big pots at Walmart.
I also got an old cultivater at an antique show this spring and hubby was going to throw out the old wood crate. So I threw it into the garden and filled it with flowers as well, LOL.

The little birdhouse above the crate is the broken down rusty windchime birdhouse I was given at a garage sale this spring, hanging on a dollar store shepards hook.
Below is one of my bottomless baskets (.25 cents) planted beside the bench in the garden.
I also picked up a couple items to hang from the bottom branches of a pine we limbed up beside the hosta garden.
Mini rusty votive lantern - $1
 Mini Decorative birdhouse - .50 cents
Here's a couple more nooks of the garden below -
the patio beside the gate
The chair also came from a curb - over 20 years ago. Most of it's original green paint is worn away now and the seat was splitting so badly I had hubby screw a steel plate to the bottom to hold the seat together. The rusty finial was actually painted green. I gave it one of my spray paint jobs to look rusty. It was 75% off at Hobby Lobby.
 The garden angel hanging was another garage sale find.
Another nook in the garden.
The birdbath was suppose to have a base which was missing at the store so they sold me the $45 dollar birdbath for $10 anout 12 years ago. I mixed up some concrete and threw it in a pot lined with bubble wrap to make it more uneven to make a new base.
 And just as I suspected, it is now Tuesday at 1:00 am. Better late than never right?


detektive said...

I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok...Mary....skip the punch needle purse and get your behind over here and do me up some garden areas!!! Wowsers!! LOVE every single photo and area I see.....Love, love, love!! And I can't believe your "got this for little or nothing; picked this up on a curb" stories!!! Holy smokes!!! Frugal Mary you are! (How's come I can't find stuff like that??!) Everything is gorgeous...and I'm truly jealous. :o) (You actually take the time to "edit" your photos??? Yikes....I'm lucky to get photos added...period!) Have a great rest of the week! Great to hear from you again! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

I am a scavenger.. not afraid to hop out of the car in the nicest neighborhoods to load up their trash, LOL. We also have a great craigs list here that I have furnished much of the house with. if it ain't cheap I'm likely not gettin' it, LOL. Well, my next make-over is going to prove that statement wrong. I sent hubby clear through the roof last week, LOL.