July 22, 2011

Frugal Friday

My bad! It's been so long since I posted I aparently forgot what to do. I got typing away, all the way to where I was ready to add a pic, when I realized I forgot to change up the font. Well, better late than never. But given my rather slow typing skills I am going just ignore the fact, LOL.
I have not been a very good blogger. I have not been a very good dieter. I have not been a very good crafter. But man am I great great swimmer, LOL. Once pool season hits I forget about pretty much everything else and live in the pool. June was cold and rainy and there were only 2 days spent in the pool Then July hit! My favorite month of the year.Turn up the heat I say. I am lovin' this heat wave that has everyone else complaining. And I dare not talk about the weather around hubby. He is not a fan of summer and he gets very grumbly. Of coarse he is allowed to celebrate when fall arrives and when the snowflakes begin to fall. Carries on about how much he love winter. But guess who does most of shoveling - if you guessed me you would be correct. And guess who goes out to scoop the doggie poop in the snow - you betcha! So, hubby has gone on strike in the back yard. He began building a poolhouse. He assured me it would be done in just 2 weeks and long before hot weather hit. Not!!! Everyday, while floating in my pool, my view is the 2x4 framework for the house. I am planning a b-day party for my mother in the backyard in a couple short weeks and there sits this mess. In his defense, his project buddy has been unexpectedly tied up with some family matters. But, perhaps if he started in May instead of the July 4th weekend ........ Just maybe, I am just saying.
But I digress. I thought I would hop on here today, while it is rainy and cloudy and share a few goodies I picked up here and there since my last post.
     Some antique lace-up boot $20

 Smaller sized Chippendale Mirror $7.00
Lantern $2.00

Crock $7
Salt glazed stein w/ pewter lid $5
Pewter tankard $2
And Finally I wanted to mention my buys from the Saltbox Farm Summer Faire last weekend. If you are not familiar with Saltbox Farm, it is my favorite prim store in MI. Sharon, the proprietor, put her heart and soul into her shop. She had several open houses, special events, and sales through out the year. They were always something special to attend. In fact, I made the 50 mile drive many times over to attend. Well, last saturday was nothing different. Except for one thing. Sharons shop suffered heavy fire damage back in June. It was a complete loss. Well, Sharon decided to put on a brave face and carry through with her summer faire in spite of. It was a gorgeous day. She had a bunch of goodies for sale in her barn and several other prim antique sellers turned out with their tents and antique fineries to make the day a great event. I wish I had brought my camera (I say that a lot) because her gardens were just beautiful and packed with garden prims. My Aunt Betty and I just ooo'd and ahhh'd all the way through. Well, no camera, but here is what I bought whilst there -
an old lantern $42

and some adorable little black and white shoes for $20

Till next time..................................... (soon I hope)


TheRustyThimble said...

What amazing treasures and prices oh my. I have been so bummed because of our heat there have been no sales this summer to go to!! And it is so hot I do not want to get out in it LOL

TheCrankyCrow said...

Come on Mary Girl...You're KILLING me with your "here and there" goodies...You gotta be kidding me with those prices!!! Where the HECDK do you shop???!!! I want in!! Heck...I want those shoes...and the lantern...and the mirror, the crock, the pewter....Ok..ok...I'll leave you the stein...Can you say SCORE??!!! And whine not about your poolhouse....my DH has yet to get our POOL up and running for the season...Yup - one of the hottest stretches in Nod history, but we have a green pool...Arghhh...I do NOT go into GREEN pools!! Enjoy! (Can I have those shoes??) ;o) (Thanks for stopping by my blog - I can't reply to the comments you leave there, but so appreciate your visits...no worries about the purse - I'll appreciate it when you get to it....and I know how hard it is to punch in the pool!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

Maybe I should send the shoes with the purse? Or not, LOL. I haven't been able to get my pool clear and sparkly all summer. But, it's not green, LOL. Just cloudy. Not enough to keep me, my family, my friends, or my neighbor out. Hmmmm...... maybe a little green wouldn't be so bad. ;o) And why are you waiting on hubby to clear it up?