April 04, 2011

Make-over Monday - the Sampler

For a month I have been fighting colds and coughs and bronchitis. Luckily I got 4 good days in between fevers just in time to hit some big sales at my favorite re-sale shops. First up was an end of season bag sale. For $5.00  you got as many clothes as you could manage to squeeze into a paper grocery sack and $4.00 for each additional sack. I, of coarse, went in the day before the sale and cased the joint. I knew right where all the best wools were. I was first in the door and filled my cart in record time - wool slacks, skirts, jumpers, and blazers - 28 items for $17.00.
3 days later was my favorite re-sale sale where the last Tuesday of every month is 1/2 price day store wide. Another cart full of wool clothing at only .50 cents each. I literally doubled the wool collection I had been working on all winter.
My Wool Haul

The Entire Collection

I love hunting down wool. Some days are more successful than others but this was by far the most successful week ever. But as excited as I get finding a great color wool it doesn't compare to my next find.
For just $2.50 I found a wonderful sampler. It was stitched by someone named Leora Peterson in 1982. Unforetunately it was framed in a very modern, narrow, copper metal poster frame. The sampler is huge and was going to cost a fortune to have a custom frame made but I remembered seeing a very large frame in the other re-sale store 3 days before I thought might work. As it turned out it was an inch too narrow and about 5 inches too tall. Luckily my hubby was able to cut down the height to proper size. I had to remove the sampler from it's original frame and cut down it's very generous border. Then cut down the acid free board it was mounted on and re-stretch  and mount it. It was sooo worth all the effort. Definately one of my favorite re-sale finds of all time.
Sampler as found

Sampler Re-framed
I just wish the beauty of the wood in the frame showed here. It's a gorgeous pecan color with little worm holes. The gold border is far less shiny than the flash shows and picks up the camels and golds in the needlework just beautifully.


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Awesome wool collection.
And I love the sampler you found.
Can't beat the price!

KittyWampus said...

Oh Mary! Hats off to you! You are, indeed, a resale QUEEN!! YIKES!!! Can't believe that stash of wool! And the sampler is gorgeous! What a steal. Great reframing job by the way....Hugs~Robin