December 25, 2009



Sorry to say I am way behind this season. But better late than never I guess. I've had the house decorated (mostly) and pictures taken. But, of coarse, photobucket keeps changing their format on me. Not being very tech or computer saavy this means I have to figure out how to work things all over again. On top of that, we have just been so busy building a new game room in the basement to have ready in time for the family holiday gatherings. We didn't even have plans to do so. Hubby got a free pool table from Craigs List just before Thanksgiving and put it in our completely "un"finished basement with hopes of one day having a finished mancave. Then we had the opportuinity fall in our laps to purchase a 42" tv for 1/2 price. I had just gotten a new sofa and chairs so how could I deny Hubby his big tv? Then the big Christmas ads started coming with great deals on game tables. Well, needless to say, that "free" pool table snowballed into a full blown game room with lighted air hockey, table shuffle board, dart board, "re-felted" pool table, and the big tv. We built the entire basement out with studs and drywall to divide the furnace room, storage area, workshop, and future bathroom (already plumbed), navy and white paint, and oak chair rails & door trims. We got some great white windsor bar stools from Craigs List and hung my old oak clock, an antique "style" working phone, an oak tavern shelf, complete with tavern puzzles to hang from the pegs. What a job and what a CraZy month to decide to take on such a challenge. But we got it done! Oh sure, there are some things still on the to-do list. A slip cover for the green SW sofa, new lighting, and (when the weather warms and the windows can be opened) a stain finish on the concrete floors. But what a change from that cold, empty basement with shocking dirty apricot pink paint on the walls to the best mancave on the block. No one can say we haven't done our part to turn the economy around this season!

PS - The best part of the mighty mancave is the giant Barbie House in the tv area, LOL. Mancave or not, the grand daughters come first! At least the house isn't pink.

Here is my annual Christmas Open House. Enjoy!

The Merriest of Christmas's to you and yours!

December 18, 2009

My Beautiful Grand Babies
(otherwise known as Nonee's Brag Post)
Posing Pretty for Nonee

Ava pointing out what she would like her 1st
grown up food to be.
Forget the peas & carrots!

Sienna pulling silly 2 yr old
faces for the camera.