October 16, 2008

More Garage Sale Finds

More Garage Finds
Well, it's that time of year when the garage sales get to be few and far between. Even though I only found 3 local sales, I did still manage to scrape up a few things last week. One sale was just a clearing out of an old mother-in-laws old craft supplies. Mostly junk I'd say but at .10 cents ea. who knows what clever uses I'll come up with for these things. The little wood easel is going to hold a miniature sampler on the cabinet in my front hall. There's a .25 cent basket holding the big spoons and the little rolling pin while hanging from my $3.00 shelf. The rest of the stuff is now stowed away in my craft closet waiting for me to figure out some special purpose for them as well.

I'm also always on the look out for decorating books and magazines. On this journey I hit the jack pot in country decorating books. I particularly love the Country Home books (1990 and 1991) that I found. All the books were just $1.00 each.

The next sale had loads of antiques. I got a cigar box that says "RG Dun Babies". I just thought with the "babies" it was a great place to display antique baby shoes on. Do you ever have a problem seating the entire family at a holiday dinner? Don't ya just hate putting out those old folding metal chairs and putting them around your beautifully set table? Well, I have reproduction pressback chairs and I was thrilled to find 3 antique pressback chairs with newly caned seats for $20 each. Of coarse I offered $40.00 for all three. She was as glad to see them go as I was glad to get them so she happily accepted my offer. Sure, 2 are missing a spindle, but I would have paid $40.00 for just the one good one. So, the other 2 are just a bonus!!! And no more folding chairs at my table!

I've also been shopping Craigs List. Last week I found "2" armoires. The first is a beautiful maple armoir made by "Hooker Furniture" which I got for $225. The second armoire is pine. It was really scratched up. It looked as if they were hiding dog treats from a Great Dane with really long toe nails in it because the front was scratched from top to bottom. Thats alright though. It was only $150.00 and I wanted the pine armoire to paint red anyway. It's not quite done yet. I'm going to give it a Briwax finish yet and then replace the knobs. But, I had to special order the wax which won't be here for a week yet. But you get the general idea. The after pic will be in my house slideshow in another week or so. We just moved here in June so there's a lot to do yet but I've got a good start and it's finally beginning to feel like home around here.

Also on Craigs List I got 2 "free" doors for the house. My new
free front door is fiberglass with a leaded window. The interior side of the door is oak look. Admittedly, my other door has a prettier window but it was steel with a white interior. I thought about trying to swap the windows but because my daughter needs a new door I just decided to let her have the nice window. My walk-in door on the garage is an eyesore to say the least. I found a steel 9-lite to replace it, again for free. It had some huge dents in it but hubby did a little bondo job and it is as good as new. I just love how much stuff that might otherwise have gone to the landfill finds a new home and gets new life breathed into it on Craigs List.


TK said...

Oh my Prim Twin! I wish you lived closer so I could load you up with my Country magazines and books!

I love what you do with your garage sale finds! And I think you should buy that sofa! It looks super comfy to me too!

tidymom said...

WOW you really found some nice things!!! I love what you're doing with the armoire! and your bedroom looks gorgeous!!