November 01, 2011

A Willow Ridge Halloween

Happy Halloween
from Willow Ridge Primitives

Yep! It's the day after and it appears I missed the boat. But actually.... I don't decorate out of doors until the big night. So.... here are the pics of my spooky (and not so spooky) decor, inside and out, for both Halloween and autumn.

"The Family and Dining Rooms"

I really need to find a Halloween picture for my mantle. Serene seaside doesn't quite cut it.

I made these pumpkins years ago when I did wood crafts for consignment in the 90's but I still love'em.

"The Living Room"

"The Front Porch and Welcome Garden"

I just love ornamental kale and mums in the fall. And, purple and yellow together in the garden are my fav combination. The pumkins in the mix are just the frosting on the cake.   :o)

My sisters newly adopted puppy mill rescue came from Atlanta to meet me.

"The Spooky Stuff"
which comes out the day before Halloween -

My weathered porch chair moved off the porch so the skeleton would have a place to rest his weary bones after decorating. After dark he was lit up with the first of 4 strobe lights.

A dollar store skull with the bottom cut out. Then he was placed over a cheap solar light to make him glow. We had six more but hubby lost them in his garage somewhere.

A huge tree limb I pruned out of my tree a month before and hung onto for Halloween. And a pair of dollar store crows. I brushed some black glitter glue into the limbs and on the crows. The second of 4 strobe lights was flashing into the tree and making the glitter glow. The fountain running made a great sound effect with the Halloween decor. Like trickling water through the rock walls of a cave.

The cemetary with iron look skull gates flanking the opening. The cemetary had strobe light #3 flashing on it.

Homemade plywood tombstones. The skull on the stone was a re-sale find for $1.50. It has motion sensors in his teeth and his eyes light up and follow you as he talks.

Spooky ghoul has a light up head that glows from blue to purple to green.

After dark.....

Very large spooky ghoul hanging in the maple along side the driveway. Strobe light number 4 was flashing up into the tree at him

My lounging skeleton with a huge rusty lantern shining down on him.

In the picture window, behind the cemetary I hung a big transparent Grim Reaper. Hubby placed a spoooky blue light on the floor behind him to make him glow and there was a smoke machine hiding behind the skull stone.

and the best of all, the cutest trick-or-treaters EVER!!!!!!!
Pretty in pink - Ava (age 2) the butterfly and big sis Sienna (age 4) as a princess of coarse.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by.
Till next time...........


TheCrankyCrow said...

I should have figured you would do it up no less than awesomely....Oh my heck girl...(yeah...I said "THAT" again!) - you just have a way...inside and out.....Become an interior/exterior designer and make me your first assignment, k? And yes...those two are the cutest trick or treaters EVER!! ;o) Smiles & November Hugs ~ Robin

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Amazing decor! Loving pictures! Thanks forvisit my blog and leave a sweet comment about the cupboard makeover. See you soon, Eve

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Beautiful photos!!! Thank you for sharing.