September 26, 2011

Make-Over Monday

Make-Over Monday

It's been a busy month around here. For starters, I finally re-finished a dovetailed box I got for $2 at a garage sale earlier this summer. It had a very unattractive label and a lot of paint splatters on it.

 The sanding went super fast with my orbital sander. It's a  crafty girls best friend.
I sanded it down just enough to remove the label, paint, and the old finish. But, not so much that I removed the character and age of it. It still has it original saw marks and all it's scars, bumps, and dings. Then I restained and varnished. It is gorgeous if I may say so myself. The pictures just don't do it justice.

We finally got the outside of the pool house done.
This is a picture of the area when we first moved in.
The unsightly chain link, over grown shrubs, and hosta were pulled out as soon as we moved in and the fence re-used elsewhere in the yard, behind a wall of Junipers and out of sight. Then replaced with hydrangea's and evergreens and a split rail fence.
The view from the road. We put in the half round window to match the arches above the bedrooms windows on the front of the house.

The cupola was ordered on-line from Annapolis Weathervanes and Cupola's. It's definately the frosting on the cake.
We are still working on the interior. The drywall needs a little more mudding and then paint. The ceiling is going to be paneled in some old barn wood.
It was ReaLLy ruff so we ran it through the planer to clean it up.

Next I rolled on a light coat of flat, thin, cheap, white wall paint that we got free after re-bate from Menards.
 When the paint was dried I took my trusty orbital sander and sanded the paint way way down. And then I stained over the top with an oil based wood stain.
And set them all out in the sun to dry.
And now they are sitting on saw horses in the garage waiting to get installed. I sure hope I like it after all that work which included 1 day of planing, one day of painting, 2 days of sanding, and 2 days of staining.
Till next time (hopefully with a finished ceiling).................


TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow, wow, wow Miss Mary...I LOVE it!! So will you come and re-landscape and build me an awesome poolhouse?? (And bring that box your redid along...I want it....) Holy cats!!! That's so cool! My hubby keeps telling me I have a "pool house" - cause it's small and next to the pool....I'm still not buying it....Hope things are well in your world! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

Things are crazy busy in my world. Trying to get a couple antique furniture pieces refinished before it gets any colder out. Building tombstones for Halloween. We are the crazy spook house on the street. Just bought a windsor side chair for stripping too. And....over 400 bulbs to plant along with a couple clearance perenials. What was I thinking ordering those things?

marigoldsky said...

Your pool house is adorable! And great job on the dovetail box, looks very nice! I love reading your blog!

Mary said...

Why thank you! Love the name Marigoldsky. :o)