August 01, 2011

Make-Over Monday

Finally!!!!! This project has been a couple years in the making. I was about to give up hope.
This is a picture taken of the built-in china hutch the day we moved in. Yikes! I lived with this for a year. A very very loooong year. Then hubby let me hire a cabinet maker to make me a new door. Yeah!!!

I lived with the new door and no shelves for over a year before I convinced the husband that I needed it done. It's maple and he HATES working with maple.

Then I broke it to him that I really wanted crown moulding above the cabinet. Yep! Another year he kept me waiting. When he finally realized that a  happy wife equals a happy life is when I got the crown moulding. There's a trick to cutting the stuff and it took some trial and error to get it right. But got it he did!

I told him now that he got it figured out it's time to start warming up to the idea of crown moulding in the livingroom. Afterall, we don't want his new found knowledge to go to waste.    ;o)

And just so you don't think he is doing ALL the work, he does the cutting and I do the sanding and stain and poly finish. Then we install together. All's fair in love and war, and remodeling!   :o)


TheCrankyCrow said...

That's gorgeous, Mary!! You an hubby make an awesome team! (Do you hire out??) Love the paning and the molding...And I'm jealous over all that wonderful display space!! (And, my, what lovely treasures you have to display!! Is that ironstone I spy??) Have a wonderful Tuesday Girlfriend!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

Heaps of ironstone. Love it! My last house had space above the kitchen cabinets, a sizable tavern shelf, and my mothers old china hutch for display. Here I had to shove it all into that awful built-in or keep packed in boxes. I abhor built-ins. Always outdated and inconveniently located.

marigoldsky said...

Looks really nice Mary! Good job! And I think I have the same light fixture in my dining room... :)

Whispering Hills Studio said...

Looks great!! Poor Ol' Bob did a great job!! Oh...and so did you!!