February 08, 2011

Mr Bean

There is a contest going on in a forum I am a member of (Delphi's Primitive and Rustic). There are a couple of different subject matters we can choose from. I decided to enter the pet photo contest because my pets are such a huge part of my life. My first thought was to do a photo essay of my lifetime of pets. That added up to an awful lot of pictures. So I narrowed it down to the current love of my life, my Baby Bean. Still a lot of pictures, LOL.

The Life and Times of Mr Bean

The face mum found on the internet that said "I'm the love of your life, come get me pleeeeze".

Cozying up to my new big sister Daisy, trying to win her over.

 There's a dog hiding somewhere in that ball of fluff.

Looking like the Lion King

Tug-o-war with my other sis Lola.
Mum went all the way to Alabama to get me. When she arrived she saw Lola. The breeder told her Lola had been abandoned there and if mum wanted she could have her for free. Of coarse mum couldn't say no. And that is how Lola came to be with us.

An occasional shampoo to keep my coat beautiful.
And a nice long nap to re-charge for some more puppy antics
Mum likes to dress me up from time to time. Sometimes I enjoy it but mostly I just tolerate it.

Re-covering from luxating patella surgery with a nice new chew toy so I leave my bandages and staples alone.

I love to help mum with the spring planting

I love love love the grand babies!!!!!

I nap with them.

I play ET with them

I kiss on them every chance I get

And I sneak into every picture with them that I can

I spend a lot of time hangin' out with mum
(actually I'm her constant shadow)

I even get to sleep in the big bed. I always get a good long belly rub before I will go to sleep. I got mum wrapped around my little finger.
PS - Lola doesn't get to sleep in the bed because she snores too loud and insists on waking us all up at 4:00am to be let down on the floor anyhow.

Mum lost an older fur sister, Fluffy's Tubby Zoey Bear, before I came along.
Mum and Daisy were so so sad at her passing. She and daisy were the best of friends.

Then one day mum saw my little face on the internet and knew I needed to become a part of the family. Mum cried herself silly the first time she held me. It wasn't exactly love at first sight for Daisy but I took to her immediately. No worries, I soon won her over. Mum told me that it was me who helped to heal both their broken hearts.

I only got a year with big sister Daisy.
She was 14 yrs old. Lived a long and happy life. But her kidneys began shutting down and she got awful awful sick. Mum spent the whole last day and night she was with us cuddled up in the recliner with Daisy sleeping on her chest and her nose nuzzled up in mum's neck.  I just layed quietly with my chin on mums toes, knowing Daisy wasn't well. I don't know how mum would have got through losing another baby just 13 months later if I hadn't been there to cheer her up, making her laugh with my puppy antics and being there for cuddles when she cried. Frankly, I don't know how anyone gets through life without a fur baby to love.
These are some of my favorite pics of my big sister.

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