January 09, 2010

Before and Afters


Before and After's


These are just a couple of the before and after's I worked on just before Christmas but didn't get around to posting. The little triangular table cost me a whopping $17.00 at Somewhere In Thyme (antique/ re-sale shop). The size and shape of the table were a perfect fit for my space but the maker fell WAY short when it came to the finish. I gave a good sanding, staining, and matt finish and added the pine top to give it a new life.

The little candle holder is faux pewter (sounds so much better than fake, LOL) that I got for $1.00 and the little tin box was all of .25 cents.

We put in a 9 ft bay area when we moved in 1 1/2 yrs ago. We couldn't (still can't) afford to put in all new carpet but we needed to do something to the ply floor in the bay. A friend of ours (BHL Woodworking) had a pile of old barn wood in his work shop he let us have. Hubby planed it down, routed the edges, and walla! Beautiful new flooring in the bay. Originally we thought of it as a tempory solution till we could get carpet. But, we love it and plan to keep it. Kinda of makes a nice little staging area for both my antiques and the koi pond outside the window.

This is tacky faux brass wall sconce I got in a re-sale shop for $1.00. I gave it a very light sanding and sprayed it with some matte nickle paint. Next I gave it 2 rubs of ebony stain. The finishing touch was a light coat of matte finish clear spray. I have to say, it is a pretty darn close match to the real pewter hurricane on the sideboard below.

This cheese box isn't a before and after, but I thought I'd post it here anyway. In my last post I pictured another little cheese box with 3 candles and some rose hips in it. This is one of the other boxes I got in the same lot from the free column on Craigs List. Great dove tailing and patina on these boxes. Now that she is out of the drawer, my poor little dolly needs a dress.
Well, I am off to see if an antique ladderback rocker I've been eyeing is still there. Hubby told me to go get it for my birthday pressie. He's the BEST! And I am a chair addict. Big and small, full size and miniature. I love the lines and construction of chairs and they make a nice resting spot for other antiques and prims to sit on. Also picking up some stripper so I can honor one of my New Years resolutions and finish all the little 1/2 done projects around here before I buy any more project pieces. I also need some linen for a mini cross stitch. It's sort of qualifies in the New Years resolution. I bought a little easel for .25 cents at a garage sale with the plan of putting a small cross stitch on it on the side board in my front entry. I'll be the evening project while I am watching tv.
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Gettysburg Homestead said...

What great make overs Mary. I really like the gold sconce with the nickel. I had to read further when you were talking about a stripper. Lol. I like the paste brush on stuff.