April 11, 2009

Poor Baby Bean

Just as the weather has gotten nice enough to take walks and play outside, my poor Baby Bean began having knee troubles and needed surgery. We went through this same thing with our Zoey Bear 14 years ago. We were shocked at the "then" price of $350.00 for each knee. Well, I will tell you that the cost of the surgery "could have" bought me a new custom sofa from Country Manor. Now THAT is some serious mommy lovin'! The cost of doggie health care has sky rocketed, same as people health care. Sure would be nice if employers also provided doggie insurance!

Beanie in his bandages
(with a chewy so he didn't chew at his leg)

Bean with the bandages & staples removed 2 weeks later

Bean had to stay over night in the hospital, after surgery, for observation. When we walked in the door the next day to get him we could hear him barking in the back room. The receptionist said he hadn't stopped barking since he came out of the anesthesia. She said there was a momentary silence when he stopped long enough for a drink and everyone froze, hoping he wouldn't start again. But he got his drink and went right back to it. The surgeon came out and said "I don't know how you do it, living with him every day. We spent the day praying for laryngitis". My poor little baby! He really doesn't do that at home - much - unless the doorbell rings of coarse. I suspect when he needs the other knee done they'll ask me to take him home the same day. At least I'll save the hospitalization fee!!! :o)