September 16, 2008

Turning One/ Garage Sale Finds

It's Fun to Be One!!!!

Born Sept 20, 2007

Look who's having a birthday! I can hardly believe it's been an entire year since I became eternally known as grandma. All the changes that take place in the first year of life still amaze me. It seems she has gone from a tiny little babe to grandma's big girl practically over night. Already running, dancing, playing tug-o-war with Baby Bean (my pomeranian), and having jam sessions with grandma. That's right, this grandma rocks! I turn on a video and we both get a rattle in each hand and dance around the room shaking those rattles to the music like theres no tomorrow! Only when no one else is watching of coarse!!! Wait till she sees the old Fisher Price Marching Band set I pulled out of storage from when her mother was little.


My Garage Sale Finds


It's been a long time since I've been out garage saling. As a prim lover, boy did I pick the right day and the sale to go to. I went to the sale because they advertised crocks. But, the crocks were, to be honest, a crock! A big table full of "fake", spongeware, modern crocks. Crock bowls, crock pitchers, crock plates. Ugh! I was there expecting antique crocks. And if I was lucky, they'd be saltglaze with blue designs or beestingers. I blew right past all the other treasures because it was those darn crocks I was looking for. Once I came to the painful conclusion that there really weren't any crocks there I began to notice the other treasures that surrounded me. As if I needed them, I came home with "3" small prim trees, one being a much sought after feather tree! All three tree's for just $10.00! I also got a beautiful braided table runner for $6 and a mini pie safe for $10.00. I had been eyeing that pie safe in the "Country House" catalog but was too cheap to dole out $40.00 plus shipping to get it. Ebay also has it for $28.00 plus shipping. I prefer the $10 I paid!!!!!!!!!!!!

After having done so well with just one sale I decided to get up bright and early the next week and hit the garage sale trail. I found advertisements for armoires, antiques, and an inexpensive, much needed, baby carseat. Well, the armoires weren't worth the gas it took to go look and the antiques were virtually non existant. My "Antique" friend Bonnie (she loves when I call her that) probably beat me to them. I know she is in Yosemite but I told you she is a very good shopper! LOL! Anyway, all I managed to scrape up today was a handfull of country magazines for 25 cents ea. and a couple of nicely hand made baskets for a $1.00. I'm going to paint and age them later. I'll be sure to show a before and after of the baskets on my next post.

I won't bore you with the pictures, but I also got a practically new car seat for $10.00 (which was on my must find list), a pile of Baby Gap clothes for Sienna (only $1.00 ea piece), and some new toys for .50 cents ea. Not very exciting with the prim crowd but I'm going to be the most popular grandma in town when I babysit tomorrow!!!!


simple~needs said...

wow, you got some great goodies!! i hope you dont mind if i add you to my blog roll.

Karen said...

I enjoyed your blog, too! I'm jumping like crazy on the different blogs listed on P&R, having a blast! Karen