September 02, 2008

Before Pics of Pond / Proud Grandma

Labor Day Weekend

It was a spectacular Labor Weekend. The warmest and sunniest weather of the entire summer. Of coarse, with all we still have going on in the new house, we spent the weekend at home, slaving over odd jobs. Well actually, hubby slaved. I did "some" work and a lot of swimming! Just when the kids are going back to school and most folks are thinking of closing their pools for the season my pool reaches a summer high temp of 85 degree's. It was fabulous!!! Tomorrow it is suppose to be another 90 degree day and I plan to take advantage as long as possible. You see, at 2:45 I am having a root canal. Ugh! Do you think the dentist would understand if I told him I'll be in as soon as the weather cools and the pool is closed? Here's a few pics of our biggest project of the summer and what we spent most of our weekend "working" on.

These 2 pics are the
"before" shots of our
new backyard &

These are some pictures of the back yard project in progress.

We have working on this pond almost since the day we moved in here June 11. We are very nearly finished now. The stone work around the edge of the pond is done, the water fall is operating, the water is nearly all cured (the green is almost gone) and the koi and goldfish are having the time of their lives. I will share some pics of the finished product later in the month after I get the plants put in around the outer edge and mulched. The best part is the large bay window we put in where the 2 little windows on the back of the family room are. They are floor to ceiling to look directly out over the pond and waterfall. It's definately got WOW factor!

Stay tuned for the finished product!

The Proud Grandma


My one and only grand baby, Sienna Alexis, was born a year ago this month. I can hardly believe it has been an entire year since her arrival. She is, of coarse, the most beautiful baby on the planet. The smartest too. I get to babysit her every Thursday and every other Tuesday while her mother is working. She was cutting her first tooth at 3 1/2 months, sitting up at 4 months, and walking "with no hands" by 10 months. She is advanced, but personnally, I liked the fact that my daughter didn't walk till a week after her 1st b-day. Once they start walking they go right into running and you can't take your eye off 'em for a second. My poor little poms have really met their match now that she is so mobile. They much prefered her on the floor. Sienna loves our pool! I stand her on the side and count to 3 and she leaps into my arms in the water with the biggest laugh. She has her own floaty but she prefers to sit in grandma's big pool chaise with a lap full of tub toys. She is a doll!!!

I guess I could also share some pics of the proud parents, my daughter & son-in-law. My daughter works in merchandising and is into scrap booking and learning to knit. My SIL works for the MI welfare dept, reviewing cases. He LOVES fishing. They met in college where she played basketball and he was on the football team. Now she plays in at least 1 Gus Macker tournament a year and he coach's high school football and plays professional "arena" football.

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